Craig J. Weiner
Craig J. Weiner is a screenwriter and playwright living in New York City. His feature-length screenplay The Sound of Silence won the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Screenwriting Fellowship in 2004, received a workshop at the 2005 Eugene O’Neill Theater Center’s Film and TV Conference, and won the Best Science Screenplay award at the 2006 Woods Hole Film Festival. His comedy Spring First was screened at the 2005 Gotham City Short Film Festival. As a playwright, Craig’s one-act play, Tashlik in Winter, was a semifinalist at the American Globe Theatre’s 15-Minute Play Festival in 2007. His full-length play The Purple Heart received a workshop production at Carnegie Mellon University and The Home for Lost Boys premiered at the John Houseman Studio Theatre, both in 2005. He is also the writer for the Ben Franklin installation at the Lights of Liberty exhibit in Philadelphia. Weiner holds an M.F.A. in Dramatic Writing from CMU and is a graduate of Washington University and a member of the Dramatists Guild. Craig J. Weiner was awarded a Screenwriting grant at Carnegie Mellon in 2004 for The Sound of Silence