J.T. O'Neal
JT O’Neal recently received a M.F.A. in Screenwriting from UCLA. While a graduate student, he won the prestigious UCLA Screenwriting Showcase, the Carl David award, and the Alfred P. Sloan award, with three different scripts. Also an award-winning director, O’Neal’s short films have played at over 80 festivals around the world, and his screenwriting book, The KISASS* Guide to Screenwriting (*Keep It Short And Simple, Stupid) is receiving joyous acclaim. As a partner in Carmody/O’Neal Workshop Productions (COW Prods) he is the sole producer on Alien Game, a digital feature now in post-production. COW Prods second feature, Johnny Pigskin, co-written by JT O’Neal and based on the true story of the Haskell Indian Boarding School football team that played Notre Dame in 1914, is in pre-production. When not making movies, Dr. O’Neal, a Harvard-trained physician nationally recognized in his specialty, practices occupational and environmental medicine. J.T. O'Neal was awarded a Screenwriting grant at UCLA in 2003 for Panther Lake

Sloan-awarded films