Susan Stanton
Susan Stanton is the co-founder and managing partner of Rosalind’s Helix, LLC. She has received both the Sloan Foundation’s Award for best full-length screenplay and the feature film development grant. Her plays have been produced in New York, London, California, and Hawaii. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Dramatic Writing at the Tiwch School of the Arts at New York University. Most recently, she has completed Metal of Honor, a screenplay about the Civil War doctor Mary Walker, currently being developed by Red Sky Films. In addition, Susan’s full-length play, Whatever Happened to Peter Boy Kema?, was a finalist in a competition by New York Theater Workshop and will be produced in Honolulu in 2005. Stanton is the literary manager at the New Sounds Theater. Susan Stanton was awarded a Screenwriting grant at NYU in 2003 and a Feature Production grant at NYU in 2004 for Rosalind's Helix

Sloan-awarded films