Jeremy Bernstein

Jeremy is a screenwriter and game designer who focuses on the intersection of new and traditional media. In addition to being a staff writer on TNT's hit series Leverage, he has written and designed games based on properties such as House MD,Pretty In Pink, and Ben-10: Alien Force. He also wrote Dead Space 2 for Electronic Arts.
Let me say that again. He did Pretty In Pink andDead Space 2. Chances are he can hit whatever pitch you throw.
Jeremy is also involved with the serious games movement—the game industry's equivalent to documentary film. As a result, he lays claim to being the only person in the world to have worked on games about college-level immunology, counter-terrorism intelligence analysis, Congressional redistricting, and dismembering space zombies.
A recovering research scientist, Jeremy wields double Masters degrees in both Screenwriting and Biochemistry. He has been writing stories and designing games since he was eight years old.
He is much better at it now.

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