Every year, the Sloan Foundation partners with film schools to recognize student filmmakers with production grants for science and technology themed films. In 2012, Sloan and Columbia University recognized director Jonah Bleicher, writer Darren Anderson, and producer Rob Cristiano with a Short Film Grant for their project The King's Pawn. Sloan Science and Film interviewed Jonah Bleicher last year about the film, and is now pleased to announce that The King's Pawn has been completed and will premiere on Vimeo this weekend.

The film follows Martin Bloom, a fallen chess prodigy who has dedicated his life to developing a chess-playing supercomputer capable of defeating the greatest living chess player, Christoph Wolff. Heavily inspired by IBM Deep Blue's historic victory over Garry Kasparov in 1997, The King's Pawn is a story about the marriage of technology and humanity, running with the conspiracy theories surrounding the shocking outcome of the match and re-envisioning what might have happened.

In celebration of National Chess Day, The King's Pawn will be released online via Vimeo tomorrow, October 10th. Sloan Science and Film has a sneak preview of the complete short film, which is embedded below and can be streamed directly on Vimeo here. To learn more about The King's Pawn, visit the film's page on Facebook.