On the Wall
Marie Dvorakova

Nestled amongst the hills outside a small Czech town lies a humble monastery. The monks, some of whom have taken vows of silence and speak only with sign language, eke out a living by growing and selling cabbage. But life is about to change—particularly for a shy young monk named Kaspar. When a disagreeable Bishop passes through, the monks scramble to accommodate him. They prepare a sumptuous, warm bath—a pleasure which they deny themselves—and the bishop's slovenly splashing breeds a fast-growing mold. Kaspar, whose room lies directly beneath the bath room, is the unintended beneficiary of this mold. As the colorful and multi- textured fungus spreads across his wall, the abstract shape of a woman's body appears—beautiful, pointillist, alive. Thus is born a forbidden love affair with the natural world.


Director: Marie Dvorakova and Micah Schaffer