Divine Mistress
Christina Eliason

In Eighteenth century France, when women received little or no education, one woman emerged as a leading thinker of her time. Emilie du Chatelet was excitable and passionate. Her plunging necklines, excessive gambling, and penchant for challenging men to duels scandalized the court at Versailles. But behind her extroverted behavior lay deep malcontent. While her contemporaries slept, Emilie poured over every science book she could get her hands on, desperate to learn more. Meanwhile, Voltaire, forever inflaming the powers that be with controversial publications, was exiled to England. Upon his return to France, a friend told him of a woman whose mind was as extraordinary as any he'd ever known. But Emilie's husband, a military man tolerant of her affairs, abhorred any outspoken against his nation: Voltaire was Enemy Number One. Divine Mistress paints a portrait of an affair full of passion, betrayal and brilliant minds; of two people whose love lasted a lifetime, and whose ground-breaking works influenced a nation, to outlive their mortal years.