The Season When Thunder Sleeps
Laurel Minter

To keep her out of trouble, renowned but rebellious archaeologist Grace Carlson is sent to dig up pottery on the Navajo reservation, assisted by a group of sullen Navajo teens. When Navajo livestock start mysteriously dying, and Matt Zabarte, one of the teens, is murdered, Grace must decide whether to accept her dream assignment in Katmandu, or stay and help solve the mystery. Grace partners with Sam, the Navajo sheriff, who is convinced that Matt's death is more sinister than it appears. They discover that the local coal mine, where Matt also worked, has contaminated the ground water; no one wants to hear the truth because the mine is the biggest employer on the reservation. Grace and Sam uncover a trail of political corruption leading all the way to the White House. Matt's brother and sister now hold the key to solving the case, but before Grace and Sam can get to them, they are kidnapped and disappear into the vast Arizona desert. The proof they possess may threaten the very survival of the Navajo Nation. But when they find the children, the truth will surprise even Grace.