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Joseph Greco

Joseph Greco began his education in film at NYU Tisch School of the Arts in 2007 where he cultivated a passion for film editing. In the second half of 2008, Greco worked as an assistant editor on a feature length documentary film and began to freelance edit short films and commercials. In January of 2010, Greco made his way to Dublin, Ireland to study music video production at the prestigious Tisch Dublin program. Under the instruction of one of Ireland's leading directors, Greco gained a comprehensive understanding of music video production, marketing, and distribution. His music video for the band Saving J, Venus, won two awards in the 2011 Best Shorts Competition: an award of merit in editing, and an award of excellence in music video. Greco has also recently completed his first directed short film, A Slice of Life, which is about to enter the festival circuit. With a vision that perseveres, Greco approaches directing with a "don't quit" attitude, often achieving the seemingly impossible. This trait led to the European success of his directorial debut in music video and gave him the opportunity to work with Clear-Channel to shoot promotional videos for top musical acts throughout the country.

Joe Greco is the executive producer at Joe Greco Production in New York City and has produced content for brands in the tech, healthcare, fashion, automobile, music, and entertainment industries.