In 2009, filmmaker Michael Almereyda’s (Hamlet, Nadja) Experimenter, The Stanley Milgram Story was awarded a Sloan Filmmaker Fund grant. The film is now slated to begin production on June 5 with two major stars attached.

As announced this week in the Hollywood Reporter, Peter Sarsgaard and Winona Ryder have signed on to star in the film. Sarsgaard will play the titular psychological experimenter and Ryder will star as one his students.

The script is based on “the true story of famed social psychologist Stanley Milgram, who in 1961 designed the controversial Obedience Experiments at Yale University, observing the responses of ordinary people who believed they were sending harmful electrical shocks to an affable stranger.” Milgram’s Obedience Experiments are amongst the most storied in the field of psychology.

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